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Unforgettable places

The wonderful village of Civita di Bagnoregio, so-called Civita that dies, is a tiny center where time seems to have stopped and where you can only go by foot, following a reinforced bridge built for the benefit of the few remaining citizens and the tourists that are in visit from all over the world.


Places to visit

The Tuscia Viterbese is one of the most suggestive areas of Lazio, where the alternation of ancient villages, castles, verdant hills, and numerous historical evidences, create an unforgettable mosaic of colors and a unique landscape. The villages and towns of the Tuscia Viterbese area are of great importance, not only for tourism.


Landscapes to see

A still unspoiled nature, with nothing to envy to noble Umbria and Tuscany. Parks, lakes, woods and protected nature reserves allow the most varied sporting activities such as horse-riding, trekking, walking and mountain-bike circuits, sailing, wind-surfing, nature trails for blind people.

Do not miss the walks along Bolsena lake or in the dense beech woods of Monti Cimini and thermal therapies that can be enjoyed in the different places of Tuscia.